A Psalm for My Redeemer

The women’s Bible study at church this semester is about worship and is focused on the book of Psalms. As part of our homework last week, we were asked to write our own psalm in worship. Friend, I encourage you to try it too. Writing a psalm encourages us to be raw and vulnerable and illuminates how we see God in our lives.

Oh God, my mighty redeemer,
you have brought me from my
pit of despair
and into the light of your glory.

In my sin, you saw me;
When I ran, you pursued me
and whispered, “Come back to me,
my love remains.”

Your forgiveness captured my heart
and I dare not turn away.
Your grace frees me,
inviting me to rise into the great works
you planned for me long ago.

Because of your grace and mercy
that I cannot comprehend,
I will daily release the doubts and fears
that plague my deceitful heart
And join you in the beautiful plan
you have for my life.

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