God Is in the Details

I’m excited to share Lydia’s story of obedience with you today. I love to hear stories like this! It’s a great reminder that even when what God’s asking seems risky or complicated, He is always working in the details.

God is in the details: Testimony about obeying God when it's complicated

Leaving home with the promise to return

I am a South Carolina girl through and through. I love absolutely everything about the South! Grits, moss growing on trees, trees that overhang on roads, backroads, peaches, boiled peanuts, even the heat. I love it all. So when I met my husband a decade ago it is surprising that his being a Mid-West boy didn’t throw me.  I fell head over heels for this Mid-Western country boy. Within 6 months of meeting we were engaged, and 6 months after that we were married.

We spent our first two years in South Carolina. Then one day he came to me and said “Lets move to Missouri” (his home state). I agreed because quite honestly I didn’t dream it would happen. But happen it did. He got a job and in April of 2010 we found ourselves packing up and leaving the only place I had ever called home to go the place he was from. Our agreement was that we would stay in Missouri for 4 years and then we would come back home to our permanent home. So off we went.

At first I hated everything about Missouri, the land was too flat, the air was too humid (and being from the south that’s saying something), the peaches were tasteless, no one had ever heard of a boiled peanut, and the people didn’t look you in the eye or say hello as you walked by. Regardless of how it started off, our time in Missouri was the biggest growing experience of our lives. It was also a very blessed time because God built a community of people around us. Friends who became family. A group of strangers became integral to our lives. We mourned a miscarriage, celebrated the birth of our first born, they supported me through beauty school, we poured out our hearts and our burdens to them. We celebrated holidays, and watched football and basketball games (Go MU! unless they played Carolina!) together. Backyard barbecues were a mark of summer for us. Life had become far more than anything I ever expected.

Our plan didn’t work out

Our 4 years passed in a hurry and when we hit our 4 year mark my husband started the job search. He interviewed for 6 positions and each time we were so hopeful but each time the door was closed.

Each time we were so hopeful, but each time the door was closed.

In September of 2015 our home church was starting a leadership training course that lasted 9 months and I wanted to be a part of it so we prayed about it and decided to let the job search end for a season and we would commit to 9 more months in Missouri. Two weeks before the class started we also found out we were expecting our second child. So we just thought it was convenient that the class and pregnancy last 9 months! I would go through the training, we would have our baby and then we would start looking to move again. That was our plan.

God is in the details: A testimony of obedience to God even when it seems complicated

God had different plans

God has different plans! 6 months into our 9 month plan my husband heard through coworkers that a team member had taken a management position in Asheville, NC.  Not expecting anything to come out of it, he started a conversation and that led to a position being open and him applying for it. We were hesitant to tell anyone about it because something felt different from the very beginning. He had his first interview and then flew down to North Carolina to have his second interview.  Before he was able to get home, they let him know he had the job.

Now I know I am not the only woman to ever move while pregnant, but I was not looking forward to all the work involved in moving. I was in my third trimester and definitely not wanting to pack up boxes and load a truck. So I had a little chat with God that went something like this: “Dear Jesus, Thank you for moving us closer to home. This has been our prayer for over a year now and I am a little shocked at its timing. I feel so overwhelmed. I need you to handle these details for me because Lord, I have nothing to give!”

I was desperate but God was faithful. He whispered to me and told me that I may not see every piece of the puzzle but I just needed to trust that at the right moment he would illuminate our path. And that is exactly what he did. He answered prayers we hadn’t even dreamed of praying. The job my husband was taking typically does not come with a moving package but this one did! We had movers come and pack us up and load everything into a truck and they hauled it to NC. They also kept our belongings in storage for 2 months while we looked for a place to live.

And while every piece of our history was stored for us we found a great furnished apartment to rent for two months, which the relocation package paid for. We found a great Realtor who walked us through pre-approval steps that helped us make an offer on a house as soon as we saw it.  Our first house fell through with a couple of weeks left before our relocation assistance ran out.

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Even though I usually am prone to panic in moments like this God was with me the whole time whispering peace and patience. My second son was born 3 weeks early (that’s a story for another time) and we brought him home to our one bedroom apartment. We stayed in our one bedroom apartment for exactly 63 days! We found a second home, made an offer, and closed within a few days before we would begin paying for the storage of all of our belongings.  AND we had a down payment because of God’s generosity toward us.  Everything and everyone worked with us. There seems to a be a lot of red tape out there in the world but in this process we didn’t have to fight any of it. Our move to NC was still fraught with some struggles and I would love to share those with you some day. But God showed up in a big way and showed me that trusting him and moving out in faith can be scary and also so very peaceful.

God is in the details- a testimony about obedience when things are complicated


Lydia is the mother of two boys. Judah is 3 and Liam is 1. She and her husband live in Hendersonville, NC.



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Rose Barnett (@mRoseBarnett)
Great story, this really hits home bc of a number of factors. I also married and moved back to where my husband was from (Missouri!) loved it but then moved back being pregnant. Also it’s interesting bc we just bought a house and I was so unsettled about it. We ended up not having a lot of money (not what I thought for the kind of house we wanted). I kept thinking about what you said, God is in the details…. he is in control right. The type of house I wanted, more in the country, with land, it didn’t… Read more »
Cynthia Royer
Cynthia Royer

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Alice Mills

I used to think that little things didn’t matter. But they do. Everything matters and God has taken care of details that I didn’t know meant a great deal to me until He moved.

Meg Weyerbacher

Your story resonates with me big time. We have a similar (but not lol) story where God showed up every step of the way in a home buying and moving process. I need to dig out that old blog post, dust it off and retype it up. Thanks so much for sharing this. I think it builds our faith to read experiences like this!


I loved this story! What a great post about how the Lord provides our every need if we trust Him. Thanks for this lovely article!

Paula Jennings Burgess

Thanks for sharing, even if it was the Cliff notes version. I’m so glad God brought you and your sweet family back home to us. You make your mama proud.

Lydia B Jones
Lydia B Jones

I am so thrilled that y’all are resonating with the post. God is a God of big things and the small. He loves us enough to orchestrate every single detail we do not need to be anxious or worry about anything.

Gail Mitchell
Gail Mitchell

Such a joy and privilege to meet you this past spring, Lydia. Thanks for sharing this story. Well done, my sweet young friend!

Nancy Padgett
Nancy Padgett
Thank you so much for sharing your faith. For me, this was a very timely post. I grew up in Alabama, but have lived in Asheville 38 years. My husband was transferred to Virginia & moved there a year ago. We put our home on the market & decided that I would stay in Asheville until it sold (never dreaming it would take so long). I have reminded myself, daily, to trust in God’s timing. Your post has given me some much needed encouragement. I hope you come to love our mountains & community as much as I do!

What a great story Lydia – I love how God shapes our stories and allows us to share them while sharing Him.


This is so amazing. WOW Thanks for sharing. I love that when God says its time, he clicks everything into place and it all works so beautifully. I also loved how as a family your heart was open to move with the Lord until that right moment when the right door opened up for you. Such a powerful testimony.

Kathleen Louise Burnett
Kathleen Louise Burnett

Great reminder of how we can trust God to take care of the details, even when His plans are not the way or the timing we would have chosen. I was so happy when I read that the job came with a moving package! I felt like cheering!


I’m ready for that path to be illuminated! Tweeted!