8 Simple Strategies to Share Your Faith

Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus. –Acts 8:35

I struggle with telling others about Jesus. I know it’s important. I know God commands me to do it…but I haven’t been following through. When I’ve felt the prompting of the Spirit in the past, I’ve made plenty of excuses for not opening my mouth.

I committed to God to stop the excuses and to use words to share Him with the people around me. It might be messy. It will almost definitely be awkward and uncomfortable.

But I will keep trying.
I will get better at this.
I will not ignore God’s command to share the gospel.

After my last post, some of you committed to stop your excuses too! If you want encouragement and accountability along this journey, please join my new facebook group: Sisters Sharing Christ.

By the way, this is an awesome article from The Christian Post about evangelism. It shares why we should evangelize (it’s God’s command!) and why we must use words, not only kind actions, to share Christ.

For me to make this a natural part of my life, I knew I’d need a toolbox of simple strategies to use. Based on your comments, I knew you could use some strategies too. And thus, this post was born. Please know that I’m learning and growing with you on this journey. I don’t present myself to you as an expert. Rather, I’m a fellow sister in Christ who is having some major work done in her heart about this topic.

Guiding Principles

Sharing the gospel should be a natural part of our lives. Some of us will plant the seeds, others will water them, and others may see the harvest- but let us do what we can where we can!

Our aim is to be winsome, so people are drawn to Jesus instead of pushed away from Him. We also need to be direct in our language so people aren’t confused. To accomplish these goals, use these principles as a guide:

Be intentional

Prayerfully and intentionally think through the day and week ahead. Will you have an extended period of time with someone? Will you interact with someone you don’t see often? Look for opportunities to start a spiritual conversation. Be expectant and pray for the Spirit to guide you.

Be conversational

Avoid sounding preachy or judgmental; instead be authentic and humble. We’ll be able to reach more people through conversations than monologues. For me, this means I need to become comfortable striking up a conversation in the grocery line, at the park, etc. This is totally out of my comfort zone, but I know God didn’t call us to be comfortable.

Be respectful

If we want people to engage with the gospel, we need to be respectful. Watch and listen for signs of disengagement. When you notice them, consider moving to a different topic. We can’t push anyone through to Heaven; they have to believe and repent for themselves. When we walk away, we want them to remain open for the next spiritual conversation they have.

Be understandable

Be careful to explain churchy phrases. Phrases like born again, being saved, and propitiation for our sins are not likely to be understood without clear explanations. Try to speak as clearly and concisely as you can while still making the point.

Strategies for Sharing Your Faith

Maybe you’re like me and need specific ideas for how to share Jesus with people. I want to equip you and myself with the strategies below.

Pray with someone

Not just for them, with them. Right then and there.

When to use it: With strangers, with friends, anytime!


To the cashier at the grocery store: “I really love praying for people. Is there anything you could use prayer for?”

“Well, my mom is battling cancer.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that! I believe God hears our prayers. Would you mind if we prayed right now for your mom? I promise to be quick.”

“Sure, that’s fine.”

With eyes open or closed, still in the grocery line, “Father, we lift up Mike’s mom to you. We ask for full restoration for her body and for wisdom for her doctors. Please be with Mike and his mom and show them both that you love them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Tell your story

  • Testimony

Be bold in sharing the work of Jesus in your life. If someone’s hurting, share how He brought comfort when you were hurt. If someone’s lonely, share how He has been a constant companion for you. Don’t hijack the conversation with it, but weave it in naturally as if you’re talking about a friend (because you are!)

In normal conversations with friends, don’t censor yourself to leave out God. When your friend asks what you’ve been up to, share what you’re learning in your quiet time or how you’re growing spiritually.

When to use it: When you can connect your story without monopolizing the conversation or when catching up with a friend

  • 15-Second Story

Here’s the template: I used to be _____ and _____, but then I received Jesus’ forgiveness and chose to follow Him. Now I’m ________ and _________. Do you have a story like that?

When to use it: Basically any time. I think it’s one of the most effective strategies to use with strangers or acquaintances.

Example: I used to feel alone and without purpose, but then I received Jesus’ forgiveness and chose to follow Him. Now I have joy and a purpose in serving others. Do you have a story like that?

Learn more in the video below. The whole video is helpful, but you’ll get the gist in the first 2 minutes if you’re short on time.

Make a connection

Find something on or around the person to connect with. You could also use current events, movies, etc. to start a conversation. Include something spiritual to gauge their willingness to engage with you.

When to use it: To break the ice or to judge someone’s readiness to have a spiritual conversation

Example: “Your baby is precious! How old is she?  [Wait for answer] You know, I love that the Bible says that God knit us together in our mother’s womb. Isn’t it awesome that God knows us before we’re even born?”

Nudge a conversation towards Jesus

In the midst of a normal conversation, bring up a topic that could lead to the gospel.

When to use it:  when chatting with acquaintances, colleagues, or friends.

Example: When a colleague asks about your weekend, say something like, “It was great! Annie scored her first soccer goal. And yesterday, we started a new series at church. It’s all about having a fresh start through Jesus. I’m excited about that, too!”

They’re Listening, Now What?

Great! You’ve engaged someone in conversation. They seem open to the gospel and you know you’re supposed to share the good news with them. Now what?

I’ve included a few gospel presentation methods below. My personality finds these helpful because it provides me with a structure to follow. You may cringe at the idea of using something rehearsed. Choose something that works for you and run with it.

Notice each presentation includes a question at the end. Once we’ve presented the gospel, we need to invite the person to reflect on what they’ve heard and make a decision.

Verbal Presentation

  • God loves you and wants a relationship with you.
  • Sin separates you from God.
  • Jesus died on the cross as payment for your sins, then rose again. He came to rescue you!
  • When you trust in Jesus and turn from your sin, you receive eternal life and begin a relationship with God
  • Ask: Do you understand what I’ve been telling you? Do you want to accept Christ’s sacrifice and trust Him for forgiveness and eternal life? (You don’t have to use these specific words, anything that gets the point across is great!)

There are many scriptures you can add into this presentation. Romans 6:23 and John 3:16 are both verses that are easily memorized and include the gospel message.

Three Circles Presentation

This presentation shows that God’s original design was perfect but that the world is now broken because of sin. The only way to return to God’s design is through Jesus, who came down to Earth, died for our sins, and rose again. The last part is to ask the person where they see themselves on the diagram (in brokenness or in God’s perfect design).

This video is great for teaching the 3 Circles, but also for observing his natural way of working up to this point in a conversation.


The Bridge Presentation

This presentation is simple to draw and remember. It shows a chasm between man and God because of sin. We try to build our own bridges to God in different ways, but our bridges can’t reach Him. The only bridge that connects us with God is Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

Whatever presentation method you use, you will bring them to a point where they decide to pray or not. If they choose to pray, you can lead them through a simple prayer like this one:

“Jesus, I know I am a sinner. I believe you died for my sins. Right now, I turn from my sins and open the door of my heart and life to you. I ask you to be my Lord and Savior, my God and my Friend. Help me to follow you. Thank you for saving me. Amen.”  (from Harvest Ministries)

After they’ve prayed, check to see if they own a Bible. Get them one as soon as possible if they don’t. Recommend they start reading the Bible in the book of John, then make a date to see them again. If they live nearby, you can also invite them to attend church with you.

Possible Next Steps for You

So you’ve made it through this long post (great job!) and hopefully feel more equipped to share your faith. What’s your next step? Here are a few ideas:

  • Try one of these strategies this week. Do it scared! If we wait until we feel fully confident, we’ll never do it!
  • Train a friend in one of these methods and try it out together. A good place to start is at a mall kiosk. While they’re selling you their lotions or gadgets, you can engage them in conversation.
  • Join the Devoted Disciples of Jesus facebook group. It’s a place to receive encouragement and have some accountability with other like-minded women.
  • Keep growing by reading some of the resources below.

Additional Resources

One Verse Evangelism (Another Presentation Method)
Sonlife: Gospel Presentation Tools
Eternity Impact: 145 Easy Evangelism Ideas

These books have been recommended by friends whom I trust. The links below are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission from your purchase without increasing your cost. Thank you for supporting this site!


So many people contributed to this post by sharing their wisdom, teaching me strategies, and providing great examples. Thank you to my friends Becky, Mandy, and Audra, as well as my parents!

Which strategy resonates most with you? Have you tried any of these before? What’s still holding you back? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. You all inspire me!

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Elizabeth Marshall

What great sound advice on how to get out there and share your faith. I have always struggled with knowing how to get the conversation started but sometimes you just gotta jump in there with both feet and get at it. God will lead the way.


All your video explanations make things very clear. I love the concept of praying with people. I don’t know why we don’t think of it more often!


Thank you for this! I really struggle with being intentional sometimes. Such a great reminder for me about why it is SO important!


I like seeing the Bridge Illustration. That added to my understanding and how I could use it more effectively. Thank you posting this. I believe God will use this to speak to our hearts of the need to share His love for them with others.


This was such a practical, resource-filled post – thank you! Sharing because others I love need to hear. 😉


Amazing post! Thanks for sharing

Kathleen Louise Burnett
Kathleen Louise Burnett

Great post! I love your burden for the gospel. It is hard in our world to share our faith!

Scott LaPierre

Wow Beka, this is a great resource! I can’t believe how much you packed into this post. For the people who really want to know how to share their faith, I hope they find this post. The suggestions, combined with the YouTube videos, make a very thorough discussion.

Olu Afolabi

Very educative post! You have provided a simple guide to sharing ones faith. Anyone can take this and become a serial soul winner for Christ. I love the videos, they are very practical. Every section is so practical. I am pinning this one! Thanks for sharing this Beka.

Laura O'Neill (@LauraOinAK)

I think many of us get nervous when it comes to sharing our faith. After all, it is quite personal and no one wants to be told their beliefs are wrong. However, we are called to evangelize in and outside of our homes. Tools definitely make it easier!


I just asked to join the FB group. These are all great tips and easy ways to start the conversation with others. As we live, we share.