Walk In It {Free Printable}

Are you walking in the path God has for you? Is your head held high, confident in your journey? Or are you looking at the ground and shuffling your feet?

Self-worth can be such a struggle for women. We hear so many messages about our worth from so many places. And we struggle with what we think people are thinking about us.

Hear this. Let it resonate deep down in your soul:

You are who God says you are.


Not who your husband says you are. Not who your kids say you are. Not who your parents say you are. Or your coworkers. Or your friends. Or social media. Or your own thoughts.

Regardless of anything else in your life.  Regardless of any circumstance you’re facing. Regardless of what you do for work, or if you don’t work at all. Regardless of if you have five kids or no kids. Regardless of if you’re married, engaged, divorced, widowed, or single.

You are God’s masterpiece.

He has great things for you to do that He planned long ago.

What would you do differently if you really believed that and walked in that truth? How would your attitude or actions change?

Believe it. Walk in it.

I constantly find myself in need of a reminder of what God says about me. I thought you might too, so I created a little printable. It’s designed for a 4×6 frame, but could also be taped to your mirror or somewhere you’ll see it often.  Just click the image below to download or print it.

With love,


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