What present are you giving Jesus this Christmas?

Yesterday I opened the door to find a box from Amazon. This box brought the last of the presents I had purchased for my loved ones. I mentally went through the list of my friends and family, making sure that I had gifts for everyone. My list was complete. Yet somehow, the pile looked too…..


I feel like I need to give more.

This small pile of presents can’t possibly convey how much I love my friends and family.

Do you ever feel like that at Christmastime?

I don’t know what would feel like “enough”. Maybe if I could buy my mom and dad a new house? Maybe if I could give my friend a solid starter fund for her new business? I’m not sure. Yet I’m going to offer up my modest gifts to the people I adore as a small symbol of what they mean to me.

What present are you giving Jesus this Christmas? Start a new tradition this year!

What about Jesus?

This is the season where we celebrate the greatest gift of all:  Jesus.

When I list the ones I love, I don’t want to leave out Jesus simply because I can’t hand him a physical gift. After all, this is a girl who used to bake him a birthday cake on Christmas. I’ve been pondering over a grown-up answer to that tradition… what can I give Jesus for Christmas?

I know that whatever I choose to give him will be pitifully small in comparison to what he has given me. That doesn’t stop me with the ones I love on Earth, though, and it won’t stop me from giving something to him.

The beautiful thing about the gift of Jesus is that we can never repay him for anything he’s done for us. We’re not expected to even try. His life and death are gifts we’ve been given, not debts we are meant to repay.

The beautiful thing about the gift of Jesus is that we can never repay him for anything he's done for us. We're not expected to even try. Click To Tweet

What to Give Jesus?

I invite you to join me in giving Jesus a gift this Christmas. But what kind of gift you ask? That’s up to you! Think of something special that you can honor him with…it might actually be a physical object or it might be something intangible. Here are a few ideas I brainstormed:

  • a wish, dream, or goal
  • a talent you haven’t yet used for his kingdom
  • an act of obedience
  • a commitment to serve someone or somewhere new
  • a letter of thankfulness
  • an artifact from a relationship you need to let go
  • a token of forgiveness towards someone
  • a burden you’ve been carrying alone
  • a symbol of a habit you need to build…or break
  • a trait you need to develop
  • a sin you need to give up

Is there another idea stirring in your heart? Or do one of these resonate with you?

Jesus shouldn't get left off our Christmas list simply because we can't hand him a physical gift. Here are a few ideas of gifts you could give Jesus this year: Click To Tweet

What present are you giving Jesus this Christmas? Start a new tradition!

How to Give It to Jesus

How you actually give your present to Jesus depends on what the gift is. I can imagine that some of you will give him an item that you want to remove from your life. In that case, you may want to pray over it, then burn it or ceremoniously deliver it to the dumpster.

Some of you may give Jesus a gift that involves a specific one-time action. In that case, actually completing the act is giving him the gift. I would encourage you to make it special somehow, by celebrating with someone or keeping a reminder of the experience.

If your gift is more abstract, though, like a new habit or an ongoing commitment, you may want to memorialize it through praying and writing. You could write about it in your journal or on an index card that you keep in your Bible.

A Grown-Up Tradition

Remember my quest to create a tradition where I can give something to Jesus? I wanted the tradition to involve doing something physically, even if my gift wasn’t a physical item. I still love the idea of baking him a birthday cake…but we have FOUR December birthdays in my family and we end up with a ton of birthday cake sitting around already.  So I’ve thought up something I’m satisfied with and I want to share it with you!

These are the materials I used to make an ornament to celebrate my gift for Jesus.

After I decided what I wanted to give Jesus (a trait I seriously need some growth in!), I wrote it down with the year and slipped it into a clear plastic ornament. I plan to add a strip of paper with my gift to Jesus each year to the ornament. You could get super creative with decorating the ornament. Here are some ideas from another blogger. I just attached a strip of glitter washi tape to it and drew a row of stars. I think it’s simple and suits me well.

An ornament to celebrate my gift to Jesus

What about you?

Have you decided to join in the gift-giving? What will you offer our Savior? We can humbly offer him our gifts together with hearts full of gratitude.

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Esther Hosea

Oh, I LOVE the ornament idea! And your list of gift ideas definitely gives me some food for thought and introspection! Love this challenge almost as much as the one who penned it! Thanks Beka!

Cynthia Royer
Cynthia Royer

Thank you for sharing this. I just copied the list into my journal and left some blanks between each item. There are some answers left blank, but most have an answer. Just taking the time to think about these is helpful . . . He gives me so much and expects nothing but appreciates my feeble efforts. He’s willing to heal and breathe freshness into me whenever I humbly his at His feet.