Sometimes we don’t need to be called

I went to pick up my son from his class at church after a great worship service, but the lights were off in the room and no one was there. I checked the playroom and the kids’ worship room…also empty. That’s when I noticed the super-long line outside of another classroom.

To be called by God is humbling and exciting! There are some things God calls all of us to, such as salvation and sanctification.Then there are specific calls he gives to individuals, such as the call to be a foreign missionary or the call to write for him.  The call to a certain ministry is usually felt first in our soul from the Holy Spirit and then often is confirmed by God’s people (your Christian mentors, friends, and family).

Sometimes we don't need to be called to a specific task before we serve in the church. If we all do something, nobody has to do everything.

But let’s face it. There are a lot of things that need to be done in the church (and world!) that we may not feel particularly called to do. Instead, those tasks may fall under one of the commands in the Bible, such as loving others or giving to God’s kingdom. Or maybe the tasks are necessary for God’s work to flourish.

Like the task of teaching a room full of four-year-olds about Jesus.

My son’s room was dark and empty because our children’s pastor had to close it. There weren’t enough volunteers that morning and Noah’s class had been combined with a class that did have a teacher. The faithful volunteer who showed up that morning ended up with double the kids they were expecting.

I’m going to be careful here, because I understand the risk of Christian burnout. It’s real and I’ve been there. I’m not advocating for a life that’s run ragged because you’re saying “yes” to every need that comes through.

No one can do everything. But we all can and should do some things.

If we all serve somewhere in the church, no one has to serve everywhere. Click To Tweet

You don't have to be called to serve in the church. Just jump in where you notice a need.

Sometimes I think we feel justified ignoring needs because we don’t feel called to deal with them.

For example, no one I know is called to change diapers. Yet there are volunteers in church nurseries around the world changing diapers every week. Sometimes, we don’t need to be called.

We may not be called to be an evangelist, missionary, or teacher. Yet God commands us to share the good news anyway; we don’t need to be called.

There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care in the United States. Maybe you can’t be a foster parent, but we can all do something. Sometimes, we don’t need to be called.

Sometimes we just do the thing that needs to be done. If we all do something, no one has to do everything.

Sometimes, we don’t need to be called.

I long to see women growing spiritually and serving the Lord faithfully. I hope my heart came through in this post! Do you agree or disagree that a calling isn’t necessary to serve?

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You are right. A lot of time we wait to serve because we think it’s not our calling. I do believe however, when there is a need in the church we should step in and help out in whatever way we can. If a neighbor came to our door asking for some sugar would we say NO because we haven’t been told to give it. No! We would give as best we can and even serving our neighbor is a ministry…itsn’t it??

Amy L. Sullivan (@AmyLSullivan1)

Ohhhh, I love talking about serving others, and I totally agree with your statement, “we don’t need to be called to serve.” Often we dismiss our skills and think we don’t have what it takes, but in reality we just need to show up. Thanks for this, Beka!


Great post and with just a confirming word! We are all made for something in the Kingdom- it’s why we are created. When you find your why, you understand your purpose! Blessings- Hannah Faith


Great read! Yes some duties just fall under loving our neighbors whether we feel called or not.


Generally I think we need to sense a calling and work from that strength. But, as you say there probably aren’t many who feel called to change diapers. Yet, lots of diapers need changed, around the world on a Sunday morning! If we all pitch in and do a small part it certainly helps.

Oh Beka, this is wonderful and so right on! I will never forget a message I heard years ago at our church’s annual missions conference. The speaker challenged us to hold everything we have with open hands, ready to allow God to use it all for His glory. He asked us to pray for leading and then make a list that night of everything we had that God laid on our hearts. He then suggested we keep that list nearby and anytime we saw a need, or were asked to do something that could be filled with something on that… Read more »

“No one can do everything. But we all can and should do some things.” Amen, sister! Calling is not necessary to serve. Service is humbling yourself for the glory or kingdom of God. Service is lowering yourself to do for the better good of someone/something else… That’s Jesus’ example, simply. We are “called” to be like Christ… exemplify Him. He served, so should we. <3

Tammy Dunlap
It is my humble opinion that “feely” people would be more likely to sense a “call” in their life. I believe non-feely personalities may NEVER “feel called,” to a certain area of service, yet that does not mean that God does not want them to serve. He made us all different. He did not make all people to be “feely.” I am so grateful that though my son is not “feely” at all, he has found his way to serving God, and it is all quite black and white to him, Not much feeling, but a lot of study, logic,… Read more »

This is so so truthful! Simply showing up because no one showed up was the real reason i got into ministry. Thanks so sharing!!


So true! And I believe often our willingness to serve can lead to situations where talents are revealed and callings are emerged. This establishes the difference between a willing heart and a willful heart! Thank you and God bless!

Marlie Love
Marlie Love

Yes! Sometimes we just need to serve. I feel like once we open our minds to helping and give the fears, anxiety, expectations…. all of that to God, it all works out.
My church has a TV ministry. I wasn’t sure what to do help. At first I was just a greeter, now I help record the sermons for TV. Never in my life did I believe I could be a camera man for Gods kingdom!! It’s the best feeling ever! Just make yourself available and let God take the reins. 🙌🏽


This post was a great reminder that we can all do something! I do believe God will grace us will a sense of passion to fuel our acts of service but sometimes that “passion” comes in the form of a desire to simply love on another person by meeting their need. Sometimes we miss that because we’re looking for something more glamorous. Thanks for reminding us to look for and take advantage us all opportunities to serve wherever there is a need we are able to meet 😊

Beka, I’m right there with you! There are times in church service where we do get to do the thing we’re called to. For me, I get to lead worship every Sunday for our youth students and help lead a women’s ministry. Those are the things I feel “called” to. Yet, sometimes there’s things that just need to be done and I’ll be asked to fill in for things like greeting, serving food, buying food for Sunday mornings or just little tasks like that. I’m not “called” to do those things but it’s my church! I want to serve them… Read more »
Heart Home and Hope

I agree with you. I believe that topic has so many different facets, but truly, as believers, we should be prepared to serve when there is a need. I struggle with “wanting” to volunteer; so this post is insightful and compels me to check my heart before the Lord in this area.

Rachel Chamberlayne

I’ve never thought about it in this way! Some are so quick to think about the “me” in being called as well; it is easy to become obsessed culturally with our “destiny” or “life purpose”. I feel in some Christian circles people are replacing these notions with a “calling”. God will call us to many things in our walk and not just one! You’re absolutely right; we may not feel called to do one particular thing but it still needs doing by someone and we’re called to do our part in the most loving way we can. Amen, sis.

Kimberly - Transforming Normal

So true! Great reminder! If we all serve somewhere, no one has to serve everywhere! Wonderful post!

Edna Davidsen
Hi Beka, Just finished reading your blog post “Sometimes we don’t need to be called”. You state in your sidebar that you intend to encourage your readers to walk a little closer to God each time they drop by; well, I can tell you that I was inspired by your blog post; and I’ll be back for more in the future 🙂 When I read the beginning of your blog post where you describe how the church was empty and it looked like your son was lost it brought me back to my son got away from me in a… Read more »
Cindy Norman
Cindy Norman

Sometimes when you miss an opportunity to serve you miss an opportunity to be blessed. Those children are amazing!

Amanda Cox

Great post! I love your point that we don’t have to do everything, but we can all do something. I think sometimes saying “I don’t feel called” is a convenient excuse. We might not feel it because we weren’t really asking or listening. Sometimes serving isn’t about how we “feel”

Ioma Whitaker Hobbs
Ioma Whitaker Hobbs
You’ve spoken well; “hit the nail on the head”. It seems-especially in large congregations-that it’s easy to “sit back and be a pew warmer”. Maybe sometimes the problem is an individual’s lack of confidence his/her own abilities. But that’s not always the case. I’ve been in churches nearly my whole life. Most of the time, only a few faithful folks took care of everything. Pastors seem to prefer volunteers over having to ASK a specific person to do a specific “job”. Churches where the members are responsible for cleaning the buildings have difficulty getting volunteers, too. Some folks are not… Read more »