Marriage God’s Way: Book Review

I’m posting something a little different today, but I pray that it will bless you. I love to read nonfiction, particularly life improvement books. Many of my conversations with friends include a sentence that starts with, “Well, I was reading this book…” then I share a statement or piece of advice that stuck with me.

I just finished reading a book by Pastor Scott LaPierre and I started quoting it in conversation before I had finished reading it! Scott and I are in several blogging groups together and his posts are always interesting and usually convicting! When he asked me to review his book, Marriage God’s Way, I said I’d be honored.

Disclosure: I was provided with a manuscript in order to write a review. Regardless of that, I am sharing my honest opinions of the book. Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you I receive a small commission allowing me to fund this site and contribute to my family.


I’m pleased to recommend this book to my readers. Here’s why:

It’s full of scripture

The title tells you exactly what you’re getting with this book; it’s Bible-based and Christ-centered. I don’t remember another marriage book I’ve read that has included so much scripture. It’s woven into every page. That is one of the things I loved most about this book! Even if I was challenged by what I was reading, I couldn’t argue with it because it was clearly based in God’s word. If you’re like me, you can almost recite the verses in the Bible about marriage. We’ve heard them, read them, and read whole books about them. But Scott dives into the Hebrew and Greek words and shows how the same words are used in other parts of scripture. It deepened my understanding of those verses dramatically.

For example, in Genesis 2, it says that there was no helper found suitable for Adam. That’s where we get our idea of a “helpmate.” Which I admit, I have struggled with some in the past. Something about it seemed inferior. But did you know that the same word used for “helper” (ezer) in Genesis 2 is used in this verse as well:

“Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield” Psalm 33:20

Clearly there’s nothing inferior about that word!

It gets right to the point

From page 1, I knew that reading this book was going to change me. Here’s the part that immediately grabbed my heart.

“I compartmentalized my life by saying, ‘I am a Christian first. I am a spouse second. I am a parent third. I am an employee fourth.’ Instead, I should have said, ‘I am a Christian spouse. I am a Christian parent. I am a Christian employee.’ The danger of seeing ourselves as a Christian first and a spouse second is we can find ourselves believing the lie that I bought into at the time: ‘If I can be a good pastor, I can please God even though I am not the best husband’.”

Whoa. I could put a lot of roles in that sentence too.

If I can be a good mom, I can please God even though I am not the best wife.
If I can be a good teacher, I can please God even though I am not the best wife.
If I can be a good church volunteer, I can please God even though I am not the best wife.

Those are all lies that I have bought into as well, either right now or in the past.


It’s relatable

Scott shares examples (and not just good ones!) from his own marriage to his wife, Katie. It adds credibility to this whole thing to know that there are real people trying, and sometimes failing, to live out marriage the way God designed. But that it’s possible to succeed!

When I read about Katie, I got several great ideas to apply at home about how to say things and how to support my husband even when I might disagree with a decision. There are times I want to be a submissive wife, but I just don’t quite have the right words. So reading real-life examples was helpful.

It’s challenging

If you’re never challenged, you never grow. And what good is a stagnant life?  I always want to be growing more like Christ. This book was convicting in several areas and has prompted me to deal with some things in my own heart. I’ve never known a woman who doesn’t struggle slightly with the idea of submission. This book does a great job dealing with the topic and even gives husbands ideas on how to make it easier for us. It also shares other examples of submission in the Bible and from our culture that show that submission is not weakness. But it is how God designed marriage to work. So since God is good, and His ways are perfect, we should do what He says. (I know this, but that doesn’t always make it easy to do!)


I highly recommend this book. If you have any goals related to improving your marriage, I believe this book is a great place to start! I’m even considering getting a group of ladies together to read and discuss it.

Here’s where to learn more about the book.

Here’s Scott’s website. And the Marriage God’s Way facebook page.



Please let me know what you think- was this book review helpful to you? Do you have any unanswered questions about the book?

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Scott LaPierre

Dear Beka,
Thank you so much for the review; your words truly blessed me.

I appreciate your heart for Christ and desire to serve others through your blog.

God bless,


Fantastic review, Beka! We should all read Marriage God’s Way. Parakletos-helper-Holy Spirit. Definitely not inferior at all…I don’t mind being put in the same category as the Holy Spirit! Wow. Counselor, helper, comfortor. How beautiful!

Scott LaPierre

Hi Karissa,
You said, “We should all read Marriage God’s Way.”

This might be the coolest comment I’ve seen on one of my book’s reviews :).

Good thoughts and thanks for reading and sharing.

Andrea Greer
Andrea Greer

Thank you for the review! I am adding this to my must read list for 2017!

Scott LaPierre

Glad to hear that :).

Becky Fisher Marks

I really am intrigued and wanting to read this book…especially when you described it as relatable. To me, it’s reassuring, encouraging, and practical to hear how others apply scriptures to real life. It makes me want to say “me, too!” My desire is not to just be a hearer of the Word, but a doer. Looking forward to reading this text soon!


Excited to see this review and your thoughts Beka! Now, I am super interested in adding it to my books to read in 2017. And if you get a group of ladies together to read it together I’d be very interested in being in that group! Great review for a “must read”!

Scott LaPierre

Wonderful Shauna. Let me know if you want a signed copy :).

What a great review of Marriage God’s Way. I had a wonderful marriage for 25+ years. (My husband is now with the LORD.) I was always looking for something that I could read to help build our marriage. Every marriage can always get better. This sounds like it’s a book that is based on God’s Word and God’s principles. You can’t build on anything else but the Lord and expect growth. Even though I don’t have anyone in my life right now, I will read this book so I can be better prepared should the Lord bless me again with… Read more »
Scott LaPierre

I am sorry to hear about your husband’s passing!

After 25 years of marriage I would love to hear your thoughts on the book.

Amy P

Looks like I have another book to add to my “Books to Read” list! Thank you so much for this review. I am always looking for resources to help me on my journey and this book sounds like it is filled with deep biblical advice that is practical and doable. Being submissive in a godly way is not something that girls are taught and a hard thing to learn.

I would love to read this in a small group setting.

Scott LaPierre

Hi Amy,
If you decide to read it in a small group setting, please let me know. I’d love to give you a discounted price on a number of copies. Much cheaper than purchasing on Amazon :).

Amy Thomas
Confession. I didn’t read your whole review. When I read that scripture was embedded throughout, I was satisfied. When you said he dug even deeper into original words, exogesis, I was excited. Then you mentioned the identity of Christian flavors every role and relationship we have, confirming my own belief that hasn’t been completely formed into such a solid statement, and I couldn’t bear to read any more second-hand info! I can’t wait to read for myself. I know I’m strong. I know my husband is, too. I know we’re matched perfectly. It takes a strong plan grounded in God… Read more »
Scott LaPierre

Glad to hear all that :).

If you want a signed copy, please let me know!

Scott LaPierre

Hello! Thank you for reading this review of Marriage God’s Way. If you’d like to check out the book before buying it, I’m giving away a few chapters and a coupon for 10% off any purchases (book, workbook, or bundle). I pray the book will strengthen your marriage and relationship Christ! The entire accompanying workbook is also available for download!

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