Pray persistently: Part 2 of the Complacent to Committed Series

What have you stopped praying for?

Maybe you thought it was something too small to bring to God… or too big. Maybe you gave up hope that anything would change.

Today, I want to encourage you to start praying again about that thing.

Pray boldly and persistently.

Pray with an expectancy that comes from knowing who you are praying to.

Praying persistently is a powerful habit that will change your life! Click through to read the Complacent to Committed series. Set your life ablaze for God!


Last week, we talked about the reasons we should guard against complacency. I promised to share six changes you can make that will set your Christian life ablaze. I know these changes make a difference because I have experienced the revival they created in my own soul. The first change I shared was the habit of spending time in the Bible daily.

Today, we’re focusing on prayer. Not flimsy, half-hearted prayer that bounces from our lips, but persistent, bold prayer that pours from our heart. The kind that breaks through. The kind that doesn’t just change you, it changes the situations around you.

Bold, persistent prayers don’t just change you. They change the situations around you. Click To Tweet

Praying persistently is a powerful habit that will change your life! Click through to read the Complacent to Committed series. Set your life ablaze for God!

Why should we pray persistently?

Well, Jesus tells us to. In Luke, he tells his disciples the parable of the persistent widow. In this parable, a widow asks for justice so persistently that an unjust judge grants her request just so she will leave him alone. Like the great teacher that he is, Jesus told them explicitly what the lesson was:

And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. Luke 18:1

We ought always to pray and not lose heart. Click To Tweet

After all, if an unjust judge who “neither feared God nor respected man” will grant a request because of persistence, how much more will our loving Father in Heaven come through for us?

This parable is not teaching that we can ask for anything in the world and get it. Our requests must still be honoring to God and not contradictory to scripture.

If your requests meet those basic criteria, keep praying for them! Keep praying until God says no. Don’t lose heart!

Praying persistently is a powerful habit that will change your life! Click through to read the Complacent to Committed series. Set your life ablaze for God!

How can we pray persistently?

Don’t get overwhelmed by the next few steps. None of the following ideas are necessary to have a vibrant prayer life! You can just pour out your heart to your heavenly Father every day- no notebooks, index cards, or apps required. If you want more guidance, though, here are a few steps I recommend:

1) List 5-10 priority requests for which you want to pray daily

Save this list for your most significant requests. These are often things that need regular attention, such as your walk with God or your marriage. You’re going to list everything you want to pray for later, but for this step focus on just 5-10 top priority requests.

Consider writing out your prayers for these topics. If you decide to write out these prayers, look ahead to step 4 and then meet me back here.

Your marriage
Your children
Lost loved ones
Your ministry
Your job
Against specific sins
A heavy burden
Sharing your faith
Your walk with God

I’ve written these prayers out on index cards. This is an example:

One tip for praying persistently is to write out important prayers. This is an example of a prayer against fear.

2) Organize your other prayer requests

List categories of requests for which you want to pray, such as:

urgent needs

I would encourage you to pray for the important, not just the urgent. You might list multiple requests for the same person, such as a friend’s marriage, health, and salvation. You may also decide to list lots of different things you want to pray for your spouse and your children, beyond the daily prayer you wrote for Step 1.

There are many good ways to complete this step. Examples are all over pinterest. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, though!

This is the link to the journal I used to help me with this step. It’s from Monica at Daily Dwelling. She listed 20 items for most of her categories. I expanded mine to include 30 so I would have one item from each category for each day of the month.

I’ve organized my requests by day of the month. To give you a visual, this is my card for the 7th day of every month:

Praying persistently is one way to ignite your faith! This is an example of a way to organize your prayer requests.

3) Design a routine

Consider how much time you are able to devote to prayer every day. Be realistic! Then divide your requests from Step 2 into some kind of routine. Maybe you’ll pray for a different category on each day of the week. Another idea is to assign each request a number from 1-30 and pray according to the day of the month. Or you could just pray for a certain number of requests each day until your list is complete…and then repeat!

Either way, remember you’ll pray every day for the requests from Step 1.

Use a notebook, index cards, or a prayer app to organize these requests. Two prayer apps I’ve tried are Echo and PrayerMate.

4) Add Bible verses to your categories

Incorporating Bible verses into your prayers is an excellent way to gain confidence in your prayer life. When you say God’s words back to him, you are affirming that you believe him and that you know what he can do!

Praying persistently is a powerful habit that will change your life! These are Bible verses you can add to your prayers for yourself, your loved ones, and your church.

5) Pray every day

Praying persistently means devoting time towards this practice. You may have to sacrifice something else you’ve been spending time on. If you can’t find one big chunk of time, split your prayer time into several smaller amounts of time. Consider turning regular parts of your day into prayer time, like when you dry your hair or drive to work.

Praying persistently is one of six changes that will move you from a complacent Christian to a committed one. Click To Tweet

Praying persistently is a powerful habit that will change your life! Click through to read the Complacent to Committed series. Set your life ablaze for God!


  • If you have trouble focusing (like me!) you can list requests in your journal or write key words as you pray.
  • Use triggers to create a habit. For example, every time you do the laundry, pray for the people whose clothes you are washing. The laundry becomes the trigger that reminds you to pray.
  • Do not exclude yourself! Pray for yourself, too!
  • Organize this around your normal life. If you don’t often sit down at home, then having a prayer journal might not be your best organization method. Instead, you might prefer organizing your requests with a prayer app on your phone.

A Privilege

God loves to hear from us. He tells us to bring all our requests to him and cast all of our cares on him. He asks us to come boldly to his throne where we will find mercy and grace to help us.

Connecting to God through prayer is a privilege afforded to us by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. It’s a costly privilege and one we should cherish! Praying persistently is a habit that will transform your life.


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Take your Christian walk from complacent to committed! This series teaches six actions that will set your life ablaze for God.


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Esther Hosea

I love all your tips here. So many great helps!
I think the prayer ring is brilliant. I loved when you shared it in the Daily Disciples of Jesus group. I love that it’s simple, practical, and SO helpful. Thanks Beka for continually encouraging us all to follow hard after our Lord. You are such an encouragement!

Mary Sayler

Wonderfully put and biblically sound! Thanks and blessings.

Emily Susanne

Wow, this is timely! The parable of the persistent widow has been on my mind recently. These are great tips, and I made sure to tweet this. 🙂