Surrender is not passive

It occurs to me today that my idea of surrender has been all wrong. In my mind’s eye, it’s looked like letting go, being still, passive, while God is active.

I’m in the middle of the biggest season of surrender that I’ve ever had. And it’s not passive at all. God is calling me to take risks and actively follow Him like I never have before. This season of surrender looks like taking on new challenges, saying goodbye to the only career I’ve ever envisioned for myself, and creating new routes of ministry for myself and others.

Surrender looks bold, it looks messy, it looks scary.

Surrendering to God’s plan is not laying back and letting God move. It’s moving actively in the direction of God’s leading.

Maybe for you it looks like fostering that messy child, engaging in that ministry opportunity, loving that addict, or forgiving that person that hurt you.

Or maybe it looks like raising your children, cleaning your home, and loving your husband.

What God is teaching me is that surrender is active. It takes risks, it does hard things, and it is decidedly not passive.

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Short, sweet, and spot on! I have been learning the same thing! If surrender was passive, it might be easier. It’s not easy though. It’s scary, but oh so rewarding! Thanks for the great post Beka!