What’s Your Theme Verse for 2018? {Updated}

This is the time of year when we’re all dreaming up resolutions that we hope to accomplish in the new year. I’m a goal junkie. I love creating goals and thinking through the action steps. But I am easily derailed from these big goals. If I’m honest, my focused planning is often nothing more than glorified procrastination.

So last year, I decided to add something to my goals. I chose a theme verse for the year. This gave me a starting point as I created my new year’s goals. I focused on living out my verse, but I also memorized it, prayed it, and reflected on it.What's Your Theme Verse for 2018? This post includes 30+ theme verse ideas and a printable to help you journal through your verse.

I liked it so much that I’m doing it again! Want to join me? I’ve laid out the steps below and made a printable to help.

1) Choose a verse

  • Prayerfully consider where you need to grow spiritually. Maybe it’s trusting God more, worrying less, praying boldly, or eliminating a sin. Ask God to show you.
  • Look through the verse ideas I’ve compiled (scroll down to get a copy!) Or a Google search for verses related to your topic works nicely as well.
  • Choose the one that speaks most to you or seems the most actionable.
  • This isn’t written in stone. Don’t stress about picking the perfect verse. You can choose a new one whenever you want!

What's Your Theme Verse for 2018? Click through to read the steps in choosing your theme verse. Plus get your free printable that includes 30+ verse ideas and a journaling guide.

2) Journal about it

  • Use your favorite notebook or the printable I’ve provided below to think and journal about your theme verse.
  • Write about what the verse says, what it means to you, and how you will live it out. I’ve included my answers from last year as examples below (I haven’t committed to one for this year yet!)
  • Again, don’t worry about getting this perfect! Just write or doodle or draw as it comes to you. Do whatever helps you process.

  • Relate the verse to your life. Paraphrase it and record what God is saying to you about it.

  • Decide what this verse will look like in your life. What will you do privately and publicly to live out your theme verse?

3) Make it part of your routine

  • Embed it into your day by praying it every morning.
  • Write it on index cards and display them in places you’ll see it often, like your mirror or dashboard.
  • Choose a regular time each day, like your commute home or brushing your teeth at night, to check in with yourself about how you’re living out your verse.
As you consider your new year's resolutions, why not center them around a theme verse? Click To Tweet

4) Reflect often

  • If you only think about this verse once at the beginning of the year, it’s not going to change much in your life.
  • Commit to reflecting in writing at scheduled intervals. I’m planning to reflect on the last day of every month.
  • When you reflect, record your thoughts. How have you lived out the verse so far? What do you still need to change?
  • Ask God to direct your next steps towards living out your theme verse.
Your theme verse can be the compass of your spiritual life over the next year. Check out this post to learn how to choose one and apply it! Click To Tweet

I hope these steps will help you select a theme verse for the year and begin to apply it to your life. I’m praying that having a theme verse makes a difference in your life and mine.  We’re not going to be perfect at living it out (thank God for grace!) but we can take steps to grow every day.

I’d love to hear what verse you chose and why!

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I love this post! I look forward to receiving the Theme Verse printables to get started. Yes, I already know my verse for 2018! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you Beka for reminding me of something I’ve done often in the past. You know how “busy” goes, and I’ve let those “busy things” distract me from drawing close to Him. Praying about that Theme Verse and searching the scriptures diligently this morning.


I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. I am a new visitor from Pinterest.


Please send me the Theme Verse printables. I am site coordinator for Christian Womens Job Corps and our party is this Friday. This is a perfect way for us to begin the new year.


I love this idea! I found one I really like, the Holy Spirit Guided me to it!
Thanks for the idea and the inspiration!