When You Don’t Feel Like Obeying God

Have you ever been in a situation when you didn’t want to obey God?

Can you think of a time when what He asked you to do was
too difficult
too time-consuming
too menial
too strange
or too risky
so you drug your feet or downright refused to obey?

There are plenty of times when I just don’t feel like obeying what God has told me to do. There are so many things He’s asked us to do, either through His word or through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Most of those commands require me to be industrious, selfless, or sacrificial when I don’t feel like being any of that.

I’m reminded of a recent message about Abram’s obedience, based on some of these verses:

“Now the Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing’…

So Abram went as the Lord had told him…” Genesis 12:1-2,4

The Bible doesn’t tell us for sure, but maybe Abram didn’t feel like obeying either. Perhaps he was reluctant to leave the safety and security of his family’s land.

He obeyed anyway.

Maybe he didn’t think he had the energy or time to pack up all of his belongings and travel through the desert. Maybe he had already made plans that didn’t allow much room for adjustment.

He obeyed anyway.

Abram didn’t even know where he was going. God just said, “Go to a place that I will show you.”

He obeyed anyway.

A favorable outcome seemed impossible. How was God going to make a great nation from Abram’s descendants when his wife was barren?

He obeyed anyway.

None of us can obey in our own strength. We are fundamentally selfish and sinful. It is only through the power that lives within us that we can overcome a life of complacency. It is only through Christ’s strength that we can walk in obedience to God’s commands.

Maybe you don’t feel like obeying God today. It’s too hard or too risky or too uncomfortable.

Obey anyway.

Maybe you’re waiting to follow through until you can do it with joy and sincerity. Ask God to change your heart towards the issue. But until He does,

Obey anyway.

Maybe you don’t see any way this situation is going to work out favorably. Maybe following God’s commands in this season requires you to die to yourself daily.

Obey anyway.

God promises to go through this with you (Hebrews 13:5) and He promises to bless you for your obedience (James 1:25, Luke 11:28, Psalm 128:1)

So obey anyway.

God, please forgive me for my disobedience and for harboring rebellion in my heart. Help me to obey you immediately and completely. Give me faith to trust your character and your promises in every situation. Thank you for loving me and for your ongoing work in my life. Amen.

Why do you think it’s so hard for us to obey God completely? What verses have helped you to obey when you haven’t felt like it?

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Thanks for the challenge Beka. I need it every day. God certainly does bless us in our obedience though, of that I am sure!

Joanna Mayes

Great post Beka! I love this! You were able to do such a great job with conveying this! It was a quick read but not to be underestimated for its anointing!

Elizabeth Marshall

This is such a great post. I think, especially in today’s culture, it seems easy to attempt to justify our disobedience but Abram’s story is a great reminder that we are to obey without thought or conditions. Thanks for sharing.

Steven Goodwin
Giving up control and putting others first is very hard for our culture since we’re bombarded with advertising and media that tells us it’s all about us. It’s almost counter cultural at this point to think this way, which is why the country is having such a hard time. I think in almost all cases, to make the change, starts with how we deal with our own lives first though. If we’d obey God more and cherry pick what we are going to do that suits us, it would be amazing to see the world God has created for us!… Read more »
Lilian @ Lil' Hidden Treasures
Beka, my New Year’s resolution is Obedience to God. It’s been tough because when we are called to obey, we are called to give up our own desires to follow the desires of God. And often times, with obedience, we are called to give up something, whether it is our comfort or time or money. Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine is what I relate to when I lack motivation in obedience. The servants did what Jesus told them to do, even though the orders may have been strange. Yet, they were blessed with not only the best… Read more »

Wonderful and encouraging! Obedience is key for everything..so it is so important to remember, thanks for that gentle but strong reminder. Rita.

Olu Afolabi

Obedience is the key to the fulfillment of God’s promises. It is sometimes times difficult for us to obey God as his ways are different from ours. ‘Obey any way’, you are certainly right; no matter how hard (like it was for Abraham), we just have to obey God if we want what he has promised to be a reality. Great post Beka! It certainly blessed my day. Thanks for sharing.


Obey anyway! Oh, I was literally just talking to my kids about this topic this morning. It’s not about whether or not we want to do something, but if we love God more than whatever it is we want to do.