Worship freely: Part 3 of the Complacent to Committed Series

What unwritten rules do you have for yourself in worship?

Do you allow yourself to sing, but not clap?
Maybe you’ll lift one hand, but not two?

With this post, I hope to encourage you to knock down the walls you’ve built up around your worship. To let go of your self-consciousness and to praise God freely. He is so worthy.

Worshiping freely is one of six changes that will set your Christian life ablaze. These changes will move you from being a complacent Christian to being a committed one!

We’re in the middle of the Complacent to Committed Series. In this series of posts, we’re looking at six actions we can take to be committed followers of Christ.

One of the best ways to grow closer to God is intentionally reminding yourself how incredible He is! When we spend time in worship, we set our hearts on him and his purposes. It’s a purposeful realignment of ourselves under his authority and lordship.

When we worship God, we move our eyes from our circumstances to his sovereignty. Click To Tweet

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What is worship?

Worship shows our reverence and adoration to God. Essentially it is recognizing the ultimate worth of God and doing something because of it. When we worship God, we are displaying to him that we believe he is worthy of our actions.

Anything that we do because we love God can be worship, but for today’s post I’m focusing specifically on the kind of actions that one would do during a worship service.

Essentially, worship is recognizing the ultimate worth of God and doing something because of it. Click To Tweet

Where should we worship?

Worship is something that should be done privately and corporately.

If you aren’t already including worship in your private devotional time, I’d encourage you to start! I’ve shared a video at the end of this post with ideas.

We can certainly worship God in our homes, cars, or in nature and we should. We should also praise God regularly with a body of believers (Hebrews 10:24-25, Colossians 3:16).

Worshiping freely is one of six changes that will set your Christian life ablaze. These changes will move you from being a complacent Christian to being a committed one!

How should we worship?

We see many examples of worship in the Bible, from David’s jubilant dancing in 2nd Samuel 6 to Moses and Aaron’s reverent bowing in Numbers 20.

So what does the Bible say about how to worship?

Worship with our hearts

In Isaiah 29:13, God bemoans people who are honoring him with their lips, but whose hearts are from him. When we worship, we must intentionally set our hearts on him. As we focus on God’s character and his mighty works, we clear our hearts of distractions and clutter. 

Worship with our posture

When people worship in the Bible, their body posture or position often changes. Whether it’s by bowing, laying prostrate on the ground, or lifting their hands, the internal posture of the heart is often displayed outwardly through the body. I am absolutely not saying that you have to raise your hands to worship God, but I am saying that worship shows through our physical bodies in some way. It might be closing your eyes, using your voice, crying, looking up, or any manner of other expressions.

Just so you know, expressive public worship doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to work at it and try to continually be less and less self-conscious. It’s worth it, friends. When we abandon ourselves in worship, God responds and meets us there.

Take your Christian walk from complacent to committed! This series teaches six actions that will set your life ablaze for God.

Worship with our voice

Sing to the Lord, all the earth!
    Tell of his salvation from day to day.
Declare his glory among the nations,
    his marvelous works among all the peoples!
For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,
    and he is to be feared above all gods.
1 Chronicles 16:23-25

We can sing or testify or pray. The Bible is clear that we should use our voices to worship.

A few ways we can worship

  • Sing a song
  • Testify to someone about what God has done
  • Pray Bible verses (see an example in the video below)
  • Write about God’s characteristics
  • Read a psalm
  • Play an instrument
  • Reflect on your blessings

The video below was originally recorded for a challenge in my facebook group. It includes several examples of ways to include worship in your private devotional time.

Go one step further

I started out asking you what your secret rules are for worship. I want to challenge you! Whatever your current maximum is, go one step further. Push yourself to sing louder or raise your hand or clap in praise. God is worthy of all of our praise, sweet friend. There is freedom found in worshiping with abandon.

1 Chronicles 16:23-25: Click through to read more about worshiping God freely


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Esther Hosea
Confession – I find it very difficult to worship freely (in an external way) in a corporate setting! I think (well.. I know) it has a lot to do with the way I was raised. The importance of “not being a distraction” to those around me was greatly stressed in my home. In all other ways I’m a very unreserved, exuberant person. So it doesn’t fit with my personality at all how reserved I am during corporate worship. I often want to lift my hands, or clap, (when no one else is) or even sing out, (which I don’t do… Read more »